MFV Expositions is Getting Ready for Franchising’s Biggest Comeback

In this time of uncertainty, there is one thing we can say for sure: The Franchise Industry is going to enjoy a boom…bigger than we have ever experienced.

With so many people laid off or furloughed, franchising will be a saving grace and will  open doors for so many.

We have watched franchisors persevere through this time. They have innovated, communicated, and gone above and beyond to support franchisees. It is a true testament to the franchise model and our industry’s motto, “be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Right now, support is everything.

A Move to Franchising

Franchisors are already seeing a huge increase in interest and it’s only going to continue. With people sheltering at home, they have had more time to spend with family and  think about what’s important in life. Let’s face it, life in corporate America can be tough. Commuting several hours a day is draining. Folks are realizing that there’s a better way than the 9-5 grind.

With franchising, people can truly have it all. All of us in the industry know it. No matter the role, people in franchising are super passionate. We change lives for the better and that’s a great feeling.  

In the exhibition business, we see it first hand. Everyone coming through our doors is looking for a new beginning. We love being part of that.  

As you can imagine, the pandemic has turned our business upside down. The big question we have faced is: When will we be able to hold shows again and will they ever be the same?

Making Pivots

Like many of our franchisor partners, we had to make pivots to our business, and, as a result, have made innovations that will stay. We just launched our first-ever, on-line version of the International Franchise Expo. This version allows visitors to see brands, read about opportunities, watch videos, request information and interact live. We plan to continue with the virtual shows even when things are back to normal.

Getting Prepared

The goal of the virtual show is to help franchisors maintain their pipeline of leads. So when the smoke clears, they can close deals instead of just starting the process. Just like our physical shows, the virtual expo was sponsored by the International Franchise Association and supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Service.

 As we move forward, we are planning to produce the same caliber of world-class shows that we have for 25 years. We will continue to pivot while social distancing rules still are in play. As an example, our West Coast Franchise Expo will take place no matter what. Either we will welcome thousands of people at the Phoenix Convention Center or even more virtually.

Either way, we will be marketing extensively throughout the entire West Coast. The same holds true for all the events scheduled for this Fall. 

Secret Sauce

From our perspective, our “secret sauce” is not our ability to rent a venue or sell exhibit space…it is the ability to connect qualified buyers with our clients regardless of the means! Whatever the future holds, we are committed to creating the best experience possible for franchise seekers and exhibitors.

Even though we can’t predict what social distance regulations will look like in the coming months, we can say with confidence that the following expos will happen. Should state mandates prevent physical shows, MFV Expositions promises virtual events either way. The on-line expos will allow visitors to see brands, read about opportunities, watch videos, request information and interact live. 

“Our virtual shows are here to stay…
      they will complement the physical shows when restrictions are lifted.”



Franchise Expo West



International Franchise Expo



Franchise Expo Nashville

OCTOBER 17-18, Nashville, TN


Franchise Expo Houston


Sheila Fischer is Vice President at MFV Expositions. For more than 25 years, MFV Expositions has been bringing franchise concepts together with the most qualified entrepreneurs seeking to own their own business. Contact Sheila at Learn more at